The Illinois Education Association is our statewide organization. When someone joins the REA he/she automatically becomes a member of both our state and national affiliates because we are unified. Part of your total dues supports the state program and part the national program. We are all one organization working at the local, state and national level.

IEA is an organization of over 133,000 members with a focus at the state of Illinois level. It can also be characterized as a professional union because they spend a great deal of effort and resources focusing on student achievement, school innovation and professional development for all of our members.

IEA is also a union in that it supports our collective bargaining efforts at the local level providing staff assistance, research and legal counsel in support of our efforts. It also plays a big role in helping the REA provide support for members with employment problems. Our attorneys come from or are paid by IEA; they provide support and legal research with all of the state agencies that control our member’s employment.

IEA represents teachers and other school employees throughout Illinois in school districts, community colleges and universities. The IEA is governed by the policies passed at a Representative Assembly held each year. IEA is one of the largest democratically run associations in Illinois. They have state-wide officers, a wide range of staff specialists and a Board of Directors. The headquarters is located in Springfield. You can get a lot of information about our state affiliate at