Why should I join?

Members of the REA have joined together to fight for the rights of teachers and school personnel to work in a safe environment, be fairly compensated, and provide a first-class education for every student.

Please know that you have a strong support structure in place to help you and your students succeed. At the top of that support structure is the Rockford Education Association. In choosing to become a member of the REA, we are your advocate, direct voice, and we are committed to supporting you throughout your professional and union journey.

In becoming a member of the REA, you would also join the Illinois Education Association & the National Education Association. Together we are more than 3 million strong, making us part of the largest union in America. Our solidarity, strength and collective voice has become more important than ever. In advocating for our rights, working conditions and our students learning conditions, we are stronger together.

What do I get for my dues? Please see this Membership Privilege’s PDF download. 

Who can enroll?  Any certified/licensed individual that works for RPS205.

What are the dues categories? 

  • AC-1-100:    0 .80 and above
  • AC-1-75:       0.75 and less (Updated 2023: only available for those grandfathered in)
  • AC-1-50:      0.50 and less
  • AC-1-25:      0.25 and less

What are the dues?

As of the 2023-24 academic school year, in an effort to be economically equitable, annual dues are assigned based on employment category as above and projected salary as reported to TRS.

Late enrollees qualify for dues proration. Please ask your building representative or call the office at 815-997-5801.

How do I pay the dues? Most people opt to pay the association dues through payroll deduction. The total amount is divided across 10 consecutive pay periods. Alternatively, some members prefer to pay their dues in full by check (option open from summer to the first payroll deduction, usually in October). If this is your preference, please call the office.

What information I need to know to enroll online? When you follow the link to enroll at IEANEA.ORG, most of the information is self-explanatory but please know the following:

  • Employer – ROCKFORD SD 205
  • Local Association- ROCKFORD EDUC ASSN
  • If you have ever had an IEA or NEA issued union number, you would be a transfer
  • The dues – will prepopulate but the online form does not include the local dues.
    • I will send you a copy of your form with dues deductions when I send you a welcome packet.

What is the NEA-FCPE? A voluntary contribution, used to support candidates running for Federal Office that are friends of education. The recommended amount is $10/annually. You can see the full descriptor on the sign up sheet.*

What is the IEA Crisis Fund? A voluntary contribution, used to support members who are on strike. The recommended amount is $2/annually. You can see the full descriptor on the sign up sheet.*

Do you sell my information? We do not sell your information. Your information is used for confidential union communication and to understand how we can best serve you.

Why do you need my personal email address? Union communication can be confidential and school emails are susceptible to FOIA requests. Please do not enter your school email as your personal email.

What do you do with the answers to my Interests? As an educator you have a close-up view of the opportunities and challenges facing our schools. These questions will help us provide the support you and your school need the most and connect you with opportunities and resources.

So I have enrolled, now what?

  • You have 3 tiers of membership with REA, IEA and NEA, each will send you a welcome email.
  • We will ensure you do not have a duplicate IEA-NEA account. If so, the records will be merged to ensure continuance.
  • We will confirm your eligibility with the district. If you are ineligible, we will give you a call.
  • We will submit your paperwork with the District to start payroll deductions. (Dues are equally divided across 10 consecutive pay periods).
  • REA will send you a welcome email, with your REA members only website log in credentials, add you to our Members only newsletter and send you pertinent information
  • REA will send you a Welcome packet through your building representative (it will include your copy of your sign up form with your total dues and local contract booklet and more)
  • You will receive your Union membership card through either your building representative or mailed to your home
  • Please explore your many resources offered through RPS205, REA, IEA, and NEA.
  • Don’t forget to explore NEA Member Benefits. We know that Union membership is an investment in your professional future, but NEAMB offers many ways for you to recoup your dues.


Please contact the office if you have any questions or would like more information.