Those Who Excel Committee Members
Kathy Rasmus – Co-chair
Carol Wehmeyer – Co-chair
Jeanie Sullivan
Brenda Robinson-Young
Linda Kimel
Sherry Klotz
Margot Olson


The THOSE WHO EXCEL Education Awards is an Illinois State Board of Education program, co-sponsored locally by the REA and the Rockford Public Schools, that honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to education.

Everyone knows school district employees who are outstanding.  Help us to recognize individuals who Excel, go above and beyond in their jobs by nominating that person to be honored.  By nominating an individual, you can honor them and let the public know of the positive people and activities in our schools.

Those Who Excel honors people in seven categories: classroom teacher, administrator, licensed support personnel, non-licensed personnel, school board member/community volunteer, early career educator (2nd -5th year teacher), and team (5 or fewer people with a unique program).

Recognition Categories

Early Career Educator

This category is designed to recognize teachers in their second to fifth year of teaching. We all know teachers who show tremendous potential early in their careers. This category is designed to recognize this potential and encourage professional growth among teachers early in their careers.

Classroom Teacher

Preschool, elementary, secondary, specials teachers – who spend more than 50% of the time instructing classes of students.


Superintendent, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, coordinators, directors – who are more than 50% administrative.

Student Support Personnel (Certificated)

Certified school nurses, psychologists, social works, guidance counselors, speech/language pathologists, itinerants, librarians, etc. – who spend 50% of their time in the indicated field.

Educational Service Personnel (Non-certificated)

Paraprofessionals, cafeteria workers, secretaries, library aides, bus drivers, crossing guards, playground aides, etc.

School Board Member/Community Volunteer

Individuals who volunteer regularly in one or more of the schools or school programs.


Group of 2-5 individuals that have direct academic impact on students. Group must have an identifiable name. Call for further information before proceeding with this category.