Instructional Council Appoints Steering Committees

District’s Direction in Curriculum & Assessment to be Guided Equally by Teachers

At the end of the 2014-15 school year, every REA member received an invitation to participate in and an application to serve on two committees that will guide development of curriculum and assessments going forward. Each of the committees will contain both teachers and members of the District Curriculum Department. From the many highly qualified applicants, Instructional Council has now appointed the following REA members to serve on these committees.


Curriculum Steering Committee

Susan Callaway (Guilford)

Christine Campbell (Marshall)

Heather Cyrus (Barbour)

John Elbers (Kennedy)

Sherry Klotz (Froberg)

Nicholas Mitchell (Dennis)


Assessment Steering Committee

Judy Chancellor (Carlson)

Barbara Diaz (Barbour)

Michelle Dobbs (Johnson)

Kelli Girardin (Summerdale)

Dan Warlop (Guilford)

Fred Zuroske (Lincoln)